Creative Collective

I’ve been developing an idea for a collective over the last few months, but now that I don’t have a venue of my own to attend to, I think I’ve got enough time to actually map it out. What I’d like to do is organize a group of like-minded individuals that vary in talents from graphic designers, photographers, videographers, audio engineers, booking agents, to promoters, that would essentially offer a “one-stop-shop” for bands.

We would book shows and tours for artists we believed fit a proper criteria for a band on the rise, as well as offer services such as recording songs, live sessions, and music videos for bands. The graphic designers would be able to do merch designs, tour flyers, show flyers, social media posts, etc. Eventually, we could even work ourselves into printing and shipping out merch orders for bands/artists, as well as a working label.

Through the combined effort of multiple creative people, we could develop a standard that crushes the competition in our region. We would boost the value of the Jackson market by increased show attendance due to multiple avenues of promotion and larger amounts of promotional foot soldiers. We’d start a media company that consists of YouTube channels and podcasts that focus on artists or people within the music industry that have specific skill sets necessary to push bands forward. Through the offering and spreading of knowledge, we increase our client base.

Each person involved would take home a portion of the profits, while we continued to pour a good bit of the money back into increasing our capabilities. We monopolize the industry, but in an ethical way. Each member of the collective would have to understand that we are working with artists on the rise, and that means financial means of payment aren’t always as readily available as they might be for more “professional” clients. Local bands could play shows booked by the collective in exchange for services provided. Regional bands could help set up shows on tours we book through their areas for discounted prices on recordings, live sessions, music videos, design work, etc. We could still take on professional clients that need some of the services we provide, and I’m sure that would benefit us more financially than anything else.

The startup capital for a full scale collective could be pretty large, so we would start with whatever resources we already have available, and use a series of shows we book up front to cover the costs of basic services we’d offer. We would need computers with Adobe’s Creative Suite, ProTools (or whatever software we go with), cameras, lights, sound equipment, studio microphones, etc. After the structure proves successful enough to provide for itself and its members, we would be able to rent or purchase a commercial large enough to convert into multiple studio spaces, an event venue, workspace, merchandising warehouse, etc. This is obviously a long-term goal, but it should be stated up front that everything would start in separate locations, with the mentality that we are working together creatively and would one day be physically joined together in the same location.

This is just a huge idea I’ve been toying with and have expressed to a few friends. I’m interested in any feedback anyone has to offer. The logistics need to be mapped out more thoroughly, but that would be the job of the founding members of the collective. I would love to see a group come together and challenge each other on our ideas and develop what could be the backbone of a great company.

Let’s do cool shit.


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