Cost-Efficient Artist Consultation

kalebro2I was going to write a post about my new plan to offer artist consultation on a “pay what you want” basis and about how the industry is filled with people ripping off artists and bands and all that, but I’ve got writer’s block and honestly, I don’t see the point in it. Agents, managers, etc. are all worth their cost if they’re getting you where you want to go and beyond. But here’s my plan:

I have free time most afternoons between 1:30 p.m. & 5:00 p.m. I have a side hustle that sometimes consumes an afternoon or two each week, but other than that, I have a decent amount of free time. I’m offering my services to help you strategize, better market yourself, get on the road, or whatever it is you’d like me to help you or your band do to help you reach your goals for whatever you’d like to pay me. Not sure about what to pay? Don’t want to be insulting? Don’t worry about it. Every experience is a learning experience for me (sometimes that means learning I don’t want to work with you), so I won’t be offended if you “low ball” me. I understand that being an artist is not always the most lucrative of choices and I’m willing to work with you, no matter what the budget is.

If you’d like to know what my time is worth based on what I make at my job and my side hustle, I can tell you that I currently make $15.50/hour at my full-time job and $15/hour at my side hustle. The typical standard for booking agents is 10% of what you get paid at a show and a manager’s cut is typically 15% of everything an artist makes.  Again, you don’t have to match those prices by any means. I’m just giving you an honest look into what other people seem to think my time is worth. However, I have the right to fire you as a client at any point if I feel my time is being taken advantage of.

If you’d like for me to work with you, you can head over to the Contact tab and fill out a contact form and leave a comment saying something along the lines of “Caleb, I desperately need you in my life” or simply “Hey Caleb, I’d like to work with you.” and I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

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